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In December 1997 and January 1998, the late Ad Linkels and his wife Lucia made live audio recordings on the island of Rabi. The main purpose was to produce two radio programmes on Rabi, its history and culture: one for the Dutch VPRO broadcasting station and one for the national VRT station in Belgium. Both programmes were broadcast June 2000.

The best of the Linkel's digital recordings - 74'55 minutes of fine music - have been published on a non commercial CD in the Anthology of Pacific Music on the Dutch PAN label. 

Most of the 29 tracks on the CD are dance music: Karanga, Bino, Kamei, Kabuti, Kaimatoa, Buki, Batere n Tuvalu, Taubati and contemporary entertainment dances.  Other tracks include: church choirs, lali beating, Krebwerebwe, and the Rabi National Anthem performed by the Silver Band of Buakonikai.

The other music is performed by the Banaban Dancing Group, the Rabi Dancing Group, Tekananraoi, different sectors of the Catholic Church performing during a dance competition during Christmas, the choir of the Methodist Church in Nuku, the choir of the Catholic Church in Fatima, etc.

The CD is the Linkel's tribute to all the kind people they met during their wonderful stay on the island.

The Anthology of Pacific Music consists of 15 volumes with music of Tonga, Samoa, Hawaii, Rapanui, Cook Islands, Fiji, Rotuma and Tuvalu. The main purpose of this series is to introduce the cultures of the Pacific islands to the Europeans. The CD "Rabi - the new home of the exiled Banabans from Ocean Island" is accompanied by a booklet (16 pages), including 12 black and white and 2 full colour pictures.



 a non commercial CD in the Anthology of Pacific Music on the Dutch PAN  label

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