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Rabi is situated in the remote north-east region of the Fiji Group


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Rabi Island pronounced (Rambi) is situated off the north-east coast of Vanua Levu, Fiji’s second-largest island in the Fiji group. The island is near 17o latitude and sits on the International Date Line at 180o longitude. Rabi consists of approximately 17,000 rich volcanic acres and rises to a height of 1,550 feet above sea level. The island is covered with natural vegetation and an abundance of coconut trees. Prior to the Banabans settlement on Rabi in 1945, the island was used as a copra plantation by the famous Lever Brothers group of companies.

Rabi Island is self-governed by its own elected Council of Leaders and Elders and is a privately owned community within Fiji itself. The language spoken on the island is Gilbertese and the customs and traditions of the Banabans are still practised today.  The island is a closed community and considered a dry island.


For people wishing to visit the Island, permission should be sort first from:


Banaba House

Pratt Street,

Suva Fiji

Phone: 330 3653

The Banabans live in four major villages on the protected Fiji side of the island. The four villages and their occupants are the survivors and descendants from the same four villages that were destroyed by the invading Japanese forces back on their homeland island of Banaba/Ocean Island.
























Tabwewa is the biggest and most northern village on the island. The business district, administration buildings, wharf, post office, courthouse, main oval, the island's only Guest House, and the hospital are situated here in this area known as Nuku.

Uma is the second biggest village on the island and is situated along the coastal strip between Tabwewa Village and Tabiang. 

Tabiang is situated 8 miles from Tabwewa on the south-west tip of Rabi and is the site of the island's only High School and airstrip.

Buakonikai is located further to the south-east and is the most isolated of the villages situated 14 miles away from Tabwewa.

Rabi's nearest neighbours are the small Fiji village called Karoko, and the large garden island of Fiji called Taveuni. The nearest major town and business district is Savusavu which also houses a commercial airstrip and is located approx. 150 kilometres away from Rabi.


Distance Rabi Island to Savusavu, Fiji.J
Distance Rabi Island to Taveuni Island,
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